Signal vs Noise
May 27 - August 11, 2022
Artist: Lucian Hrisav

Lucian Hrisav (b. 1994) lives and works in Bucharest where he graduated from the National University of Arts in the departments of painting and mural painting. He coordinated spaces such as Atelier35 and the Multimedia Visu ... [read more]

“Emotional bias” - 2022 - spray paint on canvas - 190x190 cm
“Bizzare habit” - 2022 - spray paint on canvas - 150x150 cm
HappySad surroundings - 2022 - spray paint on canvas - 190x190 cm
When I paint, I know I squint my eyes

Whoever has the curiosity to conduct an impromptu survey among friends concerning the hierarchy of the senses might not be surprised to find out the fact that sight will always take the first place. If you go even further as to inquire as to which of the senses shall be most easily discarded, then the answers will be more diverse, but sight will surely be somewhere near the bottom of the list. This happens because sight is our most faithful and seductive companion and the principal sense that guides each of us through our immersion in life. “Let’s see” says the child, and the process begins.

All things considered, apart from being the most appreciated of the senses, sight can also be devilishly deceiving. Nothing can delude our understanding of things more easily than our visual perception. Because our eyes trick us so frequently, psychiatrists are usually unconcerned when presented with cases of mild hallucination. Generally, it isn’t the sight of imaginary things that causes you to get locked up in an insane asylum ward, but the hearing of voices.

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